Sports Drinks and dental decay

Sports drinks have become a highly marketing product that are promoted as a great way to hydrate and refresh after exercise. But just how beneficial are they? For elite athletes training at high levels of performance they can be a way of replenishing the body’s salt, glucose and electrolytes levels that were depleted during exercise. But for those of us.

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Why Bother Filling Baby Teeth

I often get asked this question by worried parents. The other popular question is; “Aren’t they going to fall out soon anyway?”.   A child’s baby teeth (or deciduous teeth) start erupting from 6 months until 3 years of age.  These baby teeth are slowly replaced by adult teeth,(permanent teeth), from age 6 until age 12. If a child gets.

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Dental Anxiety

Anxiety associated with a visit to the dentist is common and affects 1 in 6 Australian adults1.  And is something that we manage at Dent8 Dental regularly. At our practice we make your visit as inviting and comfortable as possible with a family run dental surgery that has understanding staff.   We take the time to provide you with as.

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