Amalgam removal process

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At your consultation at Dent8 Dental we will discuss the best filling materials to replace your amalgams with. We offer BPA free white resin and metal free crowns or porcelain inlays as options. We also have certified biocompatible high noble dental gold for cases that require a stronger material than the metal-free options.

We ensure you are comfortable in the dental chair with proper neck support. The teeth to be treated are anesthetized using adrenaline-free anesthetic when possible. The teeth are isolated using a latex free rubber dam positioned to prevent inhalation of mercury vapor through the nose and mouth.

The portable fume cupboard “IQ Air” is positioned next to you and this works to removed aerosols while we are drilling the amalgam fillings. We then turn on our in-room exhaust system that removes aerosols and replaces clean air every 3.5 minutes.

We then remove the amalgam in sections using high-speed cutting burs with plenty of water and high-speed suction to reduce aerosols including mercury vapour. After the amalgam has been removed and the site cleaned of amalgam debris, the new filling