Dental Anxiety

Anxiety associated with a visit to the dentist is common and affects 1 in 6 Australian adults1.  And is something that we manage at Dent8 Dental regularly. At our practice we make your visit as inviting and comfortable as possible with a family run dental surgery that has understanding staff.   We take the time to provide you with as.

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Crown and Bridge

Here at Dent8 we offer a range of crown and bridge options for you to choose from including beautiful Emax metal free crowns. Crowns are often used to support a tooth after it has been heavily filled or if it has had a root canal treatment. Crowns and bridges are made over 2 appointments. The first appointment we take an impression.

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Amalgam removal process

At your consultation at Dent8 Dental we will discuss the best filling materials to replace your amalgams with. We offer BPA free white resin and metal free crowns or porcelain inlays as options. We also have certified biocompatible high noble dental gold for cases that require a stronger material than the metal-free options. We ensure you are comfortable in the dental chair with proper.

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