Dental Cleaning

Oral hygiene appointments are essential to maintain healthy teeth and gums and we have a variety of cleaning technologies (Prophy-Jet, Periomate) that reduce the discomfort of this procedure and at the same time give an outstanding clean with reduced cold sensitivity. Patient education is an important part of our practice.

The dental cleaning process involves the thorough removal of plaque which is a soft, sticky, film of bacteria and tartar (calculus) which are hard deposits that have built up on the teeth over time. In healthy mouths teeth are continually bathed in saliva which contains calcium and other substances which help strengthen and protect the teeth. While this is a good thing, it also means that we tend to get a build-up of calcium deposits on the teeth. This chalky substance will eventually build up over time, like lime scale in a pipe or kettle. If the tartar is left to build up on the teeth it will provide a rough surface that allows bacteria to thrive next to the gums. Dental cleaning will remove the build up and leave the surfaces of the teeth clean and smooth so that bacteria are unable to stick to them. When you have had a dental clean you will instantly notice the surfaces of your teeth feels smoother and your mouth fresher!

A typical dental clean involves removing all the built up plaque and calculus from your teeth, and a thorough check of your gums. Disease of the gums (periodontal disease) may be present with gum pockets greater than 2-3 mms. It is important to identify if you are susceptible to periodontal disease as it is associated with other systemic diseases such as Type II Diabetes, cardiovascular disease and premature birth.

Gum recession is a common problem usually from incorrect brushing but can also be associated with bruxism (grinding), or with systemic illness.

As well as immediately improving your oral health, dental cleaning also gives our dentists time to work out which areas of the mouth you may find harder to clean. This means that areas vulnerable to dental decay, such as cavities, can be identified and a prevention plan discussed that helps you keep and maintain your dental hygiene.

Our teeth cleaning Brisbane service ensures your smile remains a million bucks, prevents plaque buildup and sustains good oral health. Call today for an appointment.