Why do I need fillings?

Restorations, or composites, are white resin filings that are used to support the structure of our teeth. Fillings are required when there is decay or a crack through a tooth. We recommend 6 monthly or annual check ups to ensure that any decay or issues can be detected early and rectified as soon as possible. If you are aware that your teeth may be susceptible to breakage or are worried about the state of a tooth, it is always best to have it examined by one of our experienced holistic dentists to get all of your treatment options outlined.

At Dent8 Dental, we recognize that some people can be sensitive to the ingredients in certain dental materials. We aim to provide the safest dental materials available and continually are sourcing these products and technologies. We use latex-free gloves, latex-free dental dam and polishing cups. We use bio-compatible filling materials including BPA–free resins from Germany.

What is a fissure seal?

Fissure seals are a type of shallow filling that are usually present in children’s mouths as a preventative measure. This may be due to deep grooves in the teeth  that can trap food and cause decay or even just early caries (the beginning of a cavity or decay). This turns into a filling once a certain proportion of the tooth has become decayed or broken and needs more of a supporting structure.

If you would like any more in depth information about fillings and our dental materials and their composition, please call us on 3871 3035 or email us at and are happy to help in any way we can.