Crown and Bridge

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Here at Dent8 we offer a range of crown and bridge options for you to choose from including beautiful Emax metal free crowns.

Crowns are often used to support a tooth after it has been heavily filled or if it has had a root canal treatment. Crowns and bridges are made over 2 appointments.

The first appointment we take an impression of the tooth and prepare the tooth for its new crown and this involves replacing old filling material with new to provide a well-sealed foundation for the crown.

The tooth is reduced to accommodate the thickness of the crown (1-2mm). The impressions are sent to Hades Dental Laboratory here in the western suburbs of Brisbane where they are made from certified biocompatible materials. 2

It is important to ask your dentist where the crown is being made, as there are many Australian dental laboratories that are sending work overseas to be done cheaply.

After 2 weeks the crown is returned to us from the laboratory and we check the fit and aesthetics of the crown to ensure that everything is satisfactory. The crown is then cemented onto the tooth into using biocompatible cement.