Information about COVID-19

On 11th March, COVID-19 (coronavirus) was declared a pandemic by World Health Organisation. It is important to note that we always use universal precautions to disinfect our practice in compliance with Australian and New Zealand Standard 4815 for Infection Control, Dental Board’s Guidelines on Infection Control and Australian Guidelines for the prevention and control of infection in Healthcare (NHMRC). Extra.

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The Best Teeth Whitening Options For Healthier, Whiter Teeth!

Here at Dent8 we can advise you on the most appropriate teeth whitening options for you.  Before commencing any teeth whitening treatment, it is important to have a thorough dental examination to check if there are any conditions that will affect the outcome of the teeth whitening process. Most importantly any untreated disease such as dental decay, sensitive areas from.

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Sports Drinks and dental decay

Sports drinks have become a highly marketing product that are promoted as a great way to hydrate and refresh after exercise. But just how beneficial are they? For elite athletes training at high levels of performance they can be a way of replenishing the body’s salt, glucose and electrolytes levels that were depleted during exercise. But for those of us.

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