Our Services

Dent8 Dental is a group practice offering a wide range of general dental services that are provided with integrity, excellence and dedication. The services provided by our highly skilled and experienced dentists attract patients from a wide area not just those looking for a local dentist. Brisbane provides a large choice of dental practitioners and we offer the highest quality care. Our range of services include:

Holistic Dentistry

This is a term that has been applied to dental practices that take into consideration the effect that dental procedures may have on your general health, including the potential toxic effects of some dental materials. Holistic dentistry also emphasises approaches to oral health care that consider the patient‘s entire physical and emotional state, also acknowledging the role that oral health plays in overall health and wellbeing, not just the health of his or her teeth.

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Amalgam Removal

Amalgam removal involves the careful drilling out of old silver fillings that contain mercury.

Dental amalgam is a filling material that has been used in dentistry for over 165 years. It is made from a mixture of powdered silver, tin and other metals mixed with liquid mercury in a ratio of 1:1. Once combined together as amalgam and placed in teeth, the mercury was thought to be bound within the filling material. However, research has since shown that the mercury is released as vapour during chewing, grinding and from consuming hot foods and drinks. Mercury has been shown to accumulate over time in tissues of the body such as thyroid, kidneys, uterus and foetus, and the brain. (Vimy, Lorsceider)

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General Dentistry Services & More

We provide a comprehensive range of general dentistry services for people of all ages and have HICAPS facilities for health fund rebates.

Every detail has been carefully attended to so that we can provide you with the best possible experience as a patient at our practice. Our staff are highly trained and are dedicated to your care – before you even contact us for your appointment.

Our practice is beautifully appointed with the latest technology and highest quality dental equipment. Our most recent addition is Diagnocam – a new, imaging system that shows early decay without the use of X-rays.

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Dentistry for Children

Dr Rachael Clem and Dr Alannah Freer are experienced in providing oral health care and dentistry for children, especially those who may be a bit nervous. We have a purpose-built treatment room that is a lot of fun and very colourful. Our emphasis is always on building a foundation of trust with our littlest patients.

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Some people are sensitive to the ingredients in certain dental materials and we aim to provide the safest dental materials available and continually are sourcing these products and technologies. We use latex-free gloves, latex-free dental dam and polishing cups. We use biocompatible filling materials including BPA–free resins from Germany.

Dental Cleaning
Oral hygiene appointments are essential to maintain healthy teeth and gums and we have a variety of cleaning technologies (Prophy-Jet, Periomate) that reduce the discomfort of this procedure and at the same time give an outstanding clean with reduced cold sensitivity. Patient education is an important part of our practice.

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Teeth Whitening

A healthy smile is something we all enjoy but there are side-effects with some whitening products. We give advice on the short and long-term effects of the various tooth-whitening systems and offer a range of in-house tooth whitening as well as take home whitening kits.

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Dental Crown and Bridge-work

A crown is a cast restoration (made in a high temperature furnace) from porcelain, porcelain fused to metal or gold that is used to protect a tooth from breakage or rebuild a broken tooth where it is not possible to restore the tooth with filling material alone. Metal-free crowns are now strong enough to be used in most areas of the mouth for most people and achieve a natural appearance. Teeth that have been damaged from decay or trauma often have large fillings that break down or appear unsightly. Metal-free crowns provide strong protection for these teeth and look like a beautiful real tooth! They are so smooth that they feel like enamel, are easy to clean and will not pick up stain. Metal free crowns provide a strong and beautiful biocompatible solution.

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Root Canal

Root Canal treatments are used as an alternative solution to extracting teeth that have died due to infection or trauma. Teeth that have become abscessed or infected as a result of decay or trauma should not be left untreated – even if there is no pain. Uncontrolled dental infections are known to be a factor that can contribute to the progress of diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases and pregnancy complications such as premature birth.

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