Dental Crown and Bridge-work

A crown is a cast restoration (made in a high temperature furnace) from porcelain, porcelain fused to metal or gold that is used to protect a tooth from breakage or rebuild a broken tooth where it is not possible to restore the tooth with filling material alone. Metal-free crowns are now strong enough to be used in most areas of the mouth for most people and achieve a natural appearance. Teeth that have been damaged from decay or trauma often have large fillings that break down or appear unsightly. Metal-free crowns provide strong protection for these teeth and look like a beautiful real tooth! They are so smooth that they feel like enamel, are easy to clean and will not pick up stain. Metal free crowns provide a strong and beautiful biocompatible solution.

A bridge is a fixed prosthesis that replaces missing or lost teeth instead of having a removable denture or implant. It is constructed from several units of crowns fused together. A bridge is permanently fixed in place and does not need to be taken out. Dental Crowns and bridges can also be used to improve appearance as well as function, creating beautiful and healthy smiles.

It is important that crowns and bridges are made to support and harmonize with the facial muscles and the jaw joint (TMJ) otherwise incorrect occlusion from a poorly designed crown or bridge can cause or exacerbate jaw problems.

Some dental practices manufacture metal free crowns onsite or have them made by laboratories using overseas factories. We choose to have our crowns custom made by one of Brisbane” leading laboratories, “Hade Dental” at Kenmore using only the best Swiss and German dental materials and environmentally responsible techniques

We have used Hade Laboratory since 1988 and continue to enjoy their outstanding service, as well as their precision fitting crowns, bridges, veneers and onlays. Their work is of the highest quality materials and is guaranteed to last.