The Best Teeth Whitening Options For Healthier, Whiter Teeth!

teeth whitening

Here at Dent8 we can advise you on the most appropriate teeth whitening options for you.  Before commencing any teeth whitening treatment, it is important to have a thorough dental examination to check if there are any conditions that will affect the outcome of the teeth whitening process. Most importantly any untreated disease such as […]

Sports Drinks and dental decay

Sports drinks have become a highly marketing product that are promoted as a great way to hydrate and refresh after exercise. But just how beneficial are they? For elite athletes training at high levels of performance they can be a way of replenishing the body’s salt, glucose and electrolytes levels that were depleted during exercise. […]

Crown and Bridge

Here at Dent8 we offer a range of crown and bridge options for you to choose from including beautiful Emax metal free crowns. Crowns are often used to support a tooth after it has been heavily filled or if it has had a root canal treatment. Crowns and bridges are made over 2 appointments. The first […]

Amalgam removal process

At your consultation at Dent8 Dental we will discuss the best filling materials to replace your amalgams with. We offer BPA free white resin and metal free crowns or porcelain inlays as options. We also have certified biocompatible high noble dental gold for cases that require a stronger material than the metal-free options. We ensure you are comfortable in […]

Dental Amalgam

Dental amalgam is a material used to fill teeth that is comprised of 50% mercury mixed with other metals and they appear grey, silver of black in the mouth.  Dental amalgam has been used to fill teeth for over 165 years and ever since its first use there has been controversy about its safety.   […]

Holistic Dentistry

Dental exam

Holistic Dentistry is the provision of dental services using the safest materials and techniques that are currently available and paying attention to the fact that this will affect your overall health and wellbeing. The first premise of holistic dentistry is that everything that is happening in the mouth – decay, gum disease, mouth ulcers, jaw […]


Everyday I am asked the question about fluoride: do we or don’t we use it to prevent tooth decay? It is a question that is of particular concern for parents with small children who are concerned about the safety of fluoride and their children’s health. There is much that has been written about the health […]

The History of Sugar and Dental Decay

According to most sources on the history of sugar dental decay, this disease is a bacterial infection that has affected mankind from the earliest civilizations. Its dramatic increase has undoubtedly been linked with the change in our diet from several hundred years ago when it was made up of high-fiber, unrefined foods to today’s diet […]